Thursday, December 01, 2005

Back To London

Halim & Hairun

we stayed at John's place for a few days. we cooked dinner for everyone and it was really nice of John to take sometime out of his busy schedule to take us sight~seeing and around Devon. and the it was time to return back to London.

by this time, i've already quit my job at Angus Steak House. a month is enough for me. 12hrs each day, 6 days a week! well, i wasn't poorly paid and the tips are good but the tired arms and legs and the aching body! but surprisingly the Manager called me at the apartment asking me to come back to work. apparently i'm one of the "good" staff who could speak good English..hehe. i fibbed saying i got another job..or something like that. he was quite nice to me. sometimes he'd let me off 2hrs early when the restaurant wasn't so busy. that made some of the staff err...unhappy???

i remember Maya. she's Polish, she's such a sweetie! we work together and her boyfriend is one of the chefs. i wish i had taken pictures with them. too bad though. i just didn't want to bring my camera to work. he makes delicious Hungarian Goulash! we were fed well at the restaurant but not well treated. the supervisor was a jerk!


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