Friday, February 05, 2010

Winter Fun


Monday, March 02, 2009

So Cold!!

Outside our apartment @ Addison


Sunday, January 25, 2009



Friday, December 02, 2005

Circle of Friends

Sandra, Me, Kak Ju, Sheila & Niza

Sandra moved into the opposite room in our apartment. we became close friends. she's Indonesian and also one of the Brunei High Commission officer's new girlfriend. ;) she comes over to our apartment daily. we'd talk and go out alot. we visit Sheila and Niza's apartment at times too. they are law students from Malaysia. another one of their room mate is Zennifa, another law student from Singapore.

Kak Ju comes to visit her sister who lives in London. we had so much fun going out and laughing our heads off doing all the silly stuff together. like one time, someone bought cigarettes and puffed just to take a picture of smoke coming out of their mouth, assuming it's smoke from the cold winter air!!! hahaha...

we wanted to take a short trip to Paris but went against it as Kak Ju is afraid we might not be able to get back into London.'s the UK immigration, they ask too many questions!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Travel Pass :)

i haven't been doing anything much since i quit waitressing. the fee to journalism school was way too high! there's rent to pay and of course, food and thrift shop shopping..hehe.

one day, the phone rang outside. that, being the main public telephone for all tenants, anyone can pick up to answer. and so that morning i picked up the phone.

Man: _____ there? she lives in apartment so and so.

Me: oh, let me check. hold on please. (went to knock on her door, no answer) sorry, she's not in.

Man: ok. how old are you? you live in the same apartment with her? would you like to earn some money?

Me: huh? doing what?

Man: why don't you come to my office. you have to take pictures with some girls and i pay you 1500 pounds.

Me: thanks!

i admit, that offer sounds really good considering the money i could get. but taking pictures with some girls? i'm assuming nude pictures???

Back To London

Halim & Hairun

we stayed at John's place for a few days. we cooked dinner for everyone and it was really nice of John to take sometime out of his busy schedule to take us sight~seeing and around Devon. and the it was time to return back to London.

by this time, i've already quit my job at Angus Steak House. a month is enough for me. 12hrs each day, 6 days a week! well, i wasn't poorly paid and the tips are good but the tired arms and legs and the aching body! but surprisingly the Manager called me at the apartment asking me to come back to work. apparently i'm one of the "good" staff who could speak good English..hehe. i fibbed saying i got another job..or something like that. he was quite nice to me. sometimes he'd let me off 2hrs early when the restaurant wasn't so busy. that made some of the staff err...unhappy???

i remember Maya. she's Polish, she's such a sweetie! we work together and her boyfriend is one of the chefs. i wish i had taken pictures with them. too bad though. i just didn't want to bring my camera to work. he makes delicious Hungarian Goulash! we were fed well at the restaurant but not well treated. the supervisor was a jerk!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Me and John @ Stonehenge

met John when he was in Singapore. he's a friend of William Barrett and they are coin collectors and dealers. anyway, John brought me, Hairun and Halim around Devon. he took us to his office where i did some paper "work". drove us to the town where his Mum lives. we met his nephew and nieces and stayed there for some scones and tea. :)

Stonehenge is a really magnificent place. something you see in the magazines and hear about on the news and now, finally seeing it first hand! even though it's just pieces of stones it's still amazing. when we were there, there was an interview going on by someone doing a report. Halim and John said a few words and then we hung around for abit going, Uhh... and Ahh... and we left.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Birthday In London :)

November 29th 1990, my 21st Birthday :)
Hairun and i celebrate the same birth date and we got each other gifts. haha..i remember we're still staying at Elephant's and Castle then! i received gifts from back home, in a big box. some friends working as flight attendants on SIA came to deliver the goods at the restaurant where i was working.

we opened up our presents and of course, this is the best part about birthdays. seeing what we get and our eyes lighting up and going WoW! hehe...

*by the way, that picture was not taken in London* ;)

Happy Birthday To Me Today! :)