Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Travel Pass :)

i haven't been doing anything much since i quit waitressing. the fee to journalism school was way too high! there's rent to pay and of course, food and thrift shop shopping..hehe.

one day, the phone rang outside. that, being the main public telephone for all tenants, anyone can pick up to answer. and so that morning i picked up the phone.

Man: _____ there? she lives in apartment so and so.

Me: oh, let me check. hold on please. (went to knock on her door, no answer) sorry, she's not in.

Man: ok. how old are you? you live in the same apartment with her? would you like to earn some money?

Me: huh? doing what?

Man: why don't you come to my office. you have to take pictures with some girls and i pay you 1500 pounds.

Me: thanks!

i admit, that offer sounds really good considering the money i could get. but taking pictures with some girls? i'm assuming nude pictures???


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