Friday, December 02, 2005

Circle of Friends

Sandra, Me, Kak Ju, Sheila & Niza

Sandra moved into the opposite room in our apartment. we became close friends. she's Indonesian and also one of the Brunei High Commission officer's new girlfriend. ;) she comes over to our apartment daily. we'd talk and go out alot. we visit Sheila and Niza's apartment at times too. they are law students from Malaysia. another one of their room mate is Zennifa, another law student from Singapore.

Kak Ju comes to visit her sister who lives in London. we had so much fun going out and laughing our heads off doing all the silly stuff together. like one time, someone bought cigarettes and puffed just to take a picture of smoke coming out of their mouth, assuming it's smoke from the cold winter air!!! hahaha...

we wanted to take a short trip to Paris but went against it as Kak Ju is afraid we might not be able to get back into London.'s the UK immigration, they ask too many questions!!!


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