Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Me and John @ Stonehenge

met John when he was in Singapore. he's a friend of William Barrett and they are coin collectors and dealers. anyway, John brought me, Hairun and Halim around Devon. he took us to his office where i did some paper "work". drove us to the town where his Mum lives. we met his nephew and nieces and stayed there for some scones and tea. :)

Stonehenge is a really magnificent place. something you see in the magazines and hear about on the news and now, finally seeing it first hand! even though it's just pieces of stones it's still amazing. when we were there, there was an interview going on by someone doing a report. Halim and John said a few words and then we hung around for abit going, Uhh... and Ahh... and we left.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Birthday In London :)

November 29th 1990, my 21st Birthday :)
Hairun and i celebrate the same birth date and we got each other gifts. haha..i remember we're still staying at Elephant's and Castle then! i received gifts from back home, in a big box. some friends working as flight attendants on SIA came to deliver the goods at the restaurant where i was working.

we opened up our presents and of course, this is the best part about birthdays. seeing what we get and our eyes lighting up and going WoW! hehe...

*by the way, that picture was not taken in London* ;)

Happy Birthday To Me Today! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Weekend In Devon


John invited us to spend the weekend in Devon where he lives. i went first and Hairun and her boyfriend would join me later in the week. John picked me up at the station. it was a foggy night i remember. we drove in the dark but very slowly. John took me to a local pub where we had supper. the best on the menu, fried potato wedges with creamy dip! sinful..who cares, i was putting on weight anyways. the weather is so cold, i'm always hungry! ;)

More on Life In London :)

Holland Road Apartment

this is the final resting place for us. it's a 3 storey apartment with a basement. there were tenants in every room and the landlord is quite an ok person. we lived on the 1st level and the coin phone is just outside our door. it's very cosy. we have a big window that looks out to the street. in the morning sometimes we see the constable on horseback going past. that's so neat!

the neighbourhood is pretty quiet and most importantly, it looks safe! haha...

Life In London

Outside 1st Apartment

can't even remember where we first lived. but it wasn't for long doesn't matter. London's a really terrific place to be. i love the parks, the thrift stores, the weekend markets(Portobello is my top favourite). :) Camden town is another one. and the shopping malls. always want to go to the shopping malls.

Harrods. that's the best shopping place to visit! it's so huge and so airy and so expensive!!! in fact, almost everything is expensive in London. isn't it?

Apartment To Apartment


we finally couldn't take living at Elephant & Castle!!! the bathroom was the killer! Hairun saw a big rat and there were gaps and holes...we had to move. and the journey from there to work is a drag, for all of us.

we finally found a really nice, clean and great neighbourhood apartment. Holland Road. ahh..what a great change from the previous place! :) although the rent was much more than what we paid before, between the 3 of us, we could afford it. Z slept in the living room, where they(the landlord) already set up a bed. we had our own bathroom! thank goodness for that. Hairun and I slept in the bedroom at the back. we also had our own more take outs! :)))

Here I Am in London

Autumn in London

when we first arrived, we rented an apartment. it was really tiny, more like living in a closet! just the 2 of us, one slept on the bed, one on the floor. then Hairun(Z's cousin) told us she too needed to look for an apartment and we decided to go apartment hunting.

we found one in Elephant & Castle. it was drabby and dark..but liveable! we moved in immediately. there was a Fish & Chips place downstairs. we usually get ours from there. waitressed at Aberdeen Steak House, just to pay rent and buy food and shopping of course. didn't get to the Journalism School as intended. too busy enjoying London on a budget!


London 1990 ~ 1991

*photo taken at Tower Bridge*

first trip to London in September 1990. went with 2 friends, but unfortunately, one of them had to be sent home. what's wrong with the UK immigration? they asked so many questions, they were suspicious of our friend and sent him home. :(